Sonia Peñaranda

SONIA PEÑARANDA-TAGGART has a degree in Architecture and a Masters in Museum Studies, Sonia began exhibiting her work at an early age; her paintings have been sold in designer showrooms and galleries and can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide. You can see example of her work at

Sonia has taught art to kids, teen and adults for many years and designed a series of courses that induced the artist creativity to flourish and at the same time to learn concepts of composition, color and 3D. At the end of the fifth class, students will exhibit their work and will be able to invited friends and family to see their progress.

Artist Statement

Inspired by love, past and possible future experiences my art explores feelings in an unreal space. Rich palette of color envelops the different shapes that come from my mind in a free way framed within a sophisticated composition. Through paint, I express myself and communicate with my collectors in an intimate circle. I felt it in a moment of my life and… you felt the same at some point in your life. It is a silent, symbolic, and colorful nexus between us.

What looks real is not necessary real. Interpretation is not defined…
Expression of feelings graphically, is my objective as a painter.