Ron Eshoo

Ron Eshoo


Preferred student age:


Musical styles offered:


Teaching philosophy/style:

Play what you love to play, and don’t let  the challenges that come with that discourage you. It only takes time and effort.

Parent policy:

Parents are free to observe lessons.

Materials needed:

Books, footstool (for classical players), pencil, tuner/tuner app and guitar.


Ron Eshoo began playing the guitar at the age of 13. His main musical interest revolved around popular genres blues, rock, folk and country until the age of 19 when a new interest in classical music slowly began to take over his life. Since then he has received an Associates Degree of Arts from William Rainey Harper College under the tutelage of Steve Vazquez, and in 2016 received his Bachelor’s Degree in Music with Dr. Brian Torosian at Northeastern Illinois University, majoring in classical guitar performance. Not only did Ron study classical guitar through these schools, but also took lessons in jazz and classical piano and jazz guitar. Along with his degree studies he has participated in several master classes in the university, as well as in national guitar festivals: Denis Azabagic, Lily Afshar, Anne Waller, Mark Maxwell, Raphaella Smits, Quaternaglia Quartet (Brazil), Rene Izquierdo, Xuefei Yang, and Oscar Ghiglia.

Ron is currently teaching guitar, piano, and music theory at a Logos School of Music, as well as here at the David Adler Music and Arts Center, as a substitute for his friend Nanae Fujiwara as she receives her Master’s Degree in Spain.