Tim Tonon


Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, and Ukulele

Preferred student age:

All ages

Musical styles offered:

Rock, R&B, Country, Pop, and some Classical

Teaching philosophy/style:

Very flexible depending on individual abilities.

Parent Policy:

Parents are welcome to attend lessons, and encouraged for little ones.

Materials needed:



Tim’s passion for guitar began when he saw The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, and he has been playing since shortly after that moment. His interest in teaching flourished while privately instructing guitar students during his studies at the Chicago Musical College at Roosevelt University. He has also completed coursework at Thornton Community College in S. Holland, IL and Valparaiso University in Indiana. Tim has performed in numerous bands, off-broadway productions, been involved in solo performances, and most recently, can be seen playing in his church praise and country gospel bands.