The DAMAC’s Faculty have so much to offer our students. They know how to encourage their students so they can express themselves creatively. Our instructors believe that all students can make and benefit from artistic and musical experiences. They approach each student as an individual, and provide challenging learning experiences.

At DAMAC, we are proud of our faculty and realize the importance of the student-teacher relationship. We invite you to meet our wonderful faculty, and experience their creative work first-hand.


Tanya Facchini Leintz

Lindee Katdare

Patricia Rodgers







Susan Russell

Philip Schorn

Evi Slaby







Randy Sweitzer







Early Childhood

Monica Krzeminski

Monica Krzeminski

Lisa Moulton

Lisa Moulton









Claire Birmingham

Molly Bunder

Jenny Cook







Rick Lowe

Nadiya Mandziy

Nadiya Mandziy

Julianne Sundin







Lazar Trachtenberg

Ludmyla Turkalo








Molly Bunder

Jenny Cook

Samantha Noga








Michael Egan

Ron Eshoo

Nanae Fujiwara







Gabrielle McCarthy

Tim Tonon








Strings: Cello, Violin, Viola
(* denotes Suzuki instructor)


* Lisa Lithall (cello)







Violin & Viola

Juliet Dawson

Michelle Welch







Melissa Padgett

* Melissa Padgett

* Kelly Wallace

Heather Williamson

* Heather Williamson