Art Classes

Late Fall Session 

Youth Art Classes

Drawing and Painting (Ages 9-13)youth art classes

WednesdaysNovember 1-December 13, 5:15-6:30
Instructor: Tanya Leintz      Register Now!

Students will develop drawing and painting skills from observing and by using their imaginations. They will create their works of art while using a variety of drawing and painting techniques such as learning perspective, composition, shading and blending colors. This class is designed for beginners and continuing artists.

Print It! (Ages 5-8)printmaking

SaturdaysNovember 4-December 16, 10-11am
Instructor: Anna Jahncke      Register Now!

This class will explore the printmaking process using both traditional and non-traditional techniques. Students will be using unique objects and materials to print like fruits and vegetables! They will also use traditional methods such as monoprints and collagraph prints to create their own works of art. In this class, be ready to experiment, create and get a little messy in the process!

Teen & Adult Art Classes

Advanced Colored Pencil Botanical Drawing (Ages 14 and up)botanical drawing philip schorn

Wednesdays—Nov. 1 – Dec. 13, 6-8pm (No Class November 22)
Instructor: Phil Schorn     Register Now!

This class will advance the skills in the use of the colored pencil. Additional drawing techniques with blending, color under-painting, blurring effects and backgrounds. Students will be working on a larger, more complicated rendering. One on white paper and one
on black paper.

Beginner Color Pencil Botanical Drawing (Ages 14 and up)

Thursday—Nov. 2 – Dec. 14, 6-8pm
Instructor: Phil Schorn    Register Now!

This class will introduce students to the colored pencil, basic drawing techniques. The effects of the pencil on papers, layering, blending techniques, and color effects.

Intro to Watercolor Drawing (Ages 14 and up)watercolor randy sweitzer

Thursdays—Nov. 2 – Dec. 14, 7-9pm
Instructor: Randy Sweitzer  Register Now!

Watercolor paints and watercolor pencils offer an exciting new dimension to the arts of sketching and designing. Watercolor pencils are a mixture of drawing and painting in one. This class will teach sketching, perspective, shading and color washing techniques while creating wonderful works of art. This class is designed for beginners and continuing artists.

Call 847-367-0707, or Register online

Private Lessons

Private art lessons are available! Call us to schedule: 847-367-0707

Painting Workshops

We offer workshops every month for those who only have an hour or two to spare, and don’t care to commit to a weekly class. Saturday morning workshops work for kids and families. Evening workshops are great for adults and groups. See the scheduled events on our Workshops page.